Next month on February 15th from 7 to 8:30pm, I’m going to be giving a talk to Refresh DC, the Washington DC Web Developer Users Group. Its at the Motley Fool Offices (2000 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.)

My talk is titled, “Understanding The Real World Wide Web and Why Web Accessibility Is Crucial.” We are going to get into a discussion about what the World Wide Web actually looks like and how people use it. We will then get into how important Web accessibility is to making sure a Web site gets used (because getting a Web site used is the whole freakin’ point.) I will go through WCAG and other practical tips for making a Web site accessible to people with disabilities.

I’m working on bringing a special surprise to the event. It is going to be something you’re not going to want to miss. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something very special.

RSVP for the event using Upcoming.
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