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More on finding your “community” compared to “audience”

Continue to think about the community for your blog. It’s vital that you identify it. From that knowledge, you can more effectively research, write and publish your posts.

Here’s some help from Geoff Livingston, author of the book, Now Is Gone, and a blog by the same name:

  • Community: A group of people living together as a smaller social unit within a larger one, and having interests, work, etc. in common.
  • Communities assume interaction is always a possibility, that two way communication can occur in a variety of ways at any time, and that there‚Äôs a deeper relationship between parties.

Do you have your community on your radar?

Can you visualize who they are?

It’s worth your time to go through this exercise, particularly before you start your blog.

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1 Comment on “More on finding your “community” compared to “audience””

  1. #1 RichardatDELL
    on May 16th, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Hi Wes,

    Thanks for the call out. I enjoyed doing the interview with Shel and thought we touched on some important issues — and I love listening and learning and connecting online with our customers or others interested in Dell, everyday.

    Just a clarification: I am not a communications big dog. I am just one member of the conversations, communities and communications team working hard to do the right thing. I happen to believe in our vision of direct connections, the value those have for relationships with customers and how the “new” online world supports the ability to do even more in this regard….while at the same time making us a better business.

    Hope your readers enjoy the video too

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