Photo of Bill Clinton

Well, it is official. The 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton is coming to the Rochester Institute of Technology today. I got the official word about this late last night. More specifically he is coming to tour the building for the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. This is my college.

It is funny that Big Bill Clinton will be touring my building, while I will be in the building for my Legislative Process class. Too bad we probably couldn’t get him to peak his head in the door. I’d love to ask him about his experiences with congressional relations, especially Newt Gingrich. Hehe..go Newt!

President Clinton is apparently doing a invitation-only presentation with Tom Golisano. I unfortunately was not invited, nor was I able to get myself invited yet. I came early to hang out in the atrium of my building to scope out the action. I have already seen what looked to be a Secret Service agent roaming around.

The key to meeting famous people is putting yourself in the right place at the right time. One key lesson, that I learned with my dad when we met Bob Dole, is if you see an international press corp chances are someone famous is coming soon. You want to hang out by the press corps because famous people have HUGE egos and are going want to flaunt them as much as possible.

I have my digital camera with me. I am going to get out of my Legislative Process class as fast as possible, so I can see if I can put myself in the right place at the right time.

With Golisano buddying up with Cinton, could Golisano be trying to position himself as a moderate Republican running for Governor in New York State?

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