Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about how Apple’s Steve Jobs yesterday announced that they were going to be producing the iPhone. The entire Apple fanboy community (which i’m a member of) crapped their pants when they heard it. It has produced the biggest thread on TechMeme (the meme tracker) I think I have ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some really fantastic innovative things in the phone. The Safari browser seems pretty neat. The multi-touch gesture navigation seems pretty neat. Overall, it has a really nice user interface. The screen is big and crisp. The Apple iPhone just doesn’t seem that revolutionary. It’s evolutionary It’s an Apple iPod on ecstasy.

I’m excited about Apple TV. It allows me to take all the content that I have bought on the Apple iTunes Store and use it on my television. It allows me to take all of the audio and video podcasts that I got from the Apple iTunes Store and use them on my television. This is a huge breakthrough.

Broadcast television is really not necessary any more. The radio isn’t necessary any more. I don’t need main stream media methods, like cable tv, to obtain content. I can do it all through my computer and iTunes. I’m able to take the programming that I want, enjoy it whenever I want, wherever I want.

Mainstream media is dead. I can watch Lost and 24 the same way that I watch Diggnation and Ask A Ninja. In the end whats the difference between the content that I get from NBC versus the content that I get from Revision3? I’m getting the programming that I want and that I enjoy. I’m walking away a happy customer.

This is the way it should be. It promotes real creativity. Anyone with a camera and dream can create great video content that I can watch on my tv. I’m not constrained to only watching the content that comes from big whigs in Hollywood. They are not the only ones creating great content. Everyone should have the chance and opportunity.

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