Last night my computer was acting up and then tonight I opened up my Apple Powerbook to find that 80% of my processor was getting used by the mds and mdimport computer system processes. I was a bit concerned. I’m not ready for this computer to die yet. It is not normal for the computer just to up and decide to do something major without asking me.

Apparently it was Apple Mac OS X’s Spotlight that was trying to reindex the whole computer without asking me first. I quickly told Spotlight that my entire computer was off limits to its spiders and that resolved the problem.

Does anyone actually use Spotlight in Mac OS X? Apple billed it as this way to instantly find anything on your computer. I dunno. It just feels kind of clunky.

The third-party web application Quicksilver does a much much much better job of allowing me to have quick access to whats on my computer. Why doesn’t Apple buy Quicksilver and integrate it seamlessly into the next version of the operating system?

I have heard good things about the search mechanism on Microsoft’s Windows Vista. It looks like it has the instantaneous results that I’d actually be looking for. Has anyone used it? If so, what do you think? Could it be that there is actually something that Apple could learn from Microsoft.

I’m anxious for the end of the month when Vista comes out. Hopefully I’ll be able to play with it a bit.

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